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BuckIPE Year 2 Programming Launched

students sitting around a table speaking to a standardized actor
Topics OSU Office of Interprofessional Practice and Education Immersion

Liz Trolli


Feb 10, 2023

Year 2 learners in the BuckIPE curriculum engage with the newly modified Teams Advancing Health Equity module. 

1200 students, 57 facilitators, and 23 standardized patients (SPs) participated in the first team event for Teams Advancing Health Equity module. Students worked together in this immersive, simulated community care scenario to apply their interprofessional collaborative practice competencies while exploring a potential swine flu outbreak on a commercial swine farm in rural Ohio, learning about some of the social determinants of health impacting the farmworkers who were ill. The simulation emphasized two evidence-based conditions shared across effective teams—coordination and cooperation—by working with a community member (portrayed by an SP) and each other to collaboratively create an action plan to address potential public health concerns.