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Community Health Mentors

Be a Community Health Mentor.

Help students build the skills necessary to be respectful caregivers while advancing your own health goals and connecting with health and well-being resources—become a community health mentor in the Interprofessional Community Scholars Program at Ohio State.

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Work with students to improve care within your community.

The Interprofessional Community Scholars Program (IPCS) moves students into the community, where they work with community members in an interprofessional team - gaining new perspectives and improving health and health care. 

If you’re an older adult living in the Columbus area who is Medicaid eligible, uninsured, and aging-in-place in a home setting, we invite you to become a  Community Health Mentor.

As a Community Health Mentor, you will: 

  • Help learners experience working in a patient-centered interprofessional team to provide respectful and integrated care.
  • Share your life experience.
  • Advance your ability to identify, access, and use digital resources and services.
  • Set and achieve goals that advance your health and well-being 

“OSU is getting students directly involved in the community. The students are great—they showed me how to use MyChart. When I have a doctor's appointment, now I can pre-register via MyChart. Those kinds of skills are invaluable.”

Michael Campbell, Community Health Mentor

Get involved!

Reach out to to learn more about becoming a Community Health Mentor, joining our Community Advisory Board, and other ways you can participate.

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