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Create a collaborative culture within your practice.

Stronger teamwork leads to better patient outcomes, and a more compassionate experience for all. Working together, we can lean into the power of interprofessional teamwork to improve population health, elevate the patient experience, reduce costs, enhance team well-being, and improve health equity for everyone.

A young doctor assisting a patient use a tablet

Work with us to advance interprofessional care.

Become part of a thriving interprofessional practice community that shares lessons learned, evolves best practices, and supports each other’s reflection and growth. You can: 

  • Facilitate BuckIPE. Facilitators are key to students' learning. Join us in sharing your expertise, insights, and perspective with learners—while also experiencing the power of interpersonal collaboration and teamwork.
  • Grow your interprofessional practice community. Add to and deepen your work with students to include interprofessional collaboration and teamwork—our team would love to support you.
  • Advocate for interprofessional care. We’re always seeking voices to develop and champion IPE. Join faculty, staff, students, and community members within the Ohio State interprofessional practice community to advance and showcase this work.

“I love working with the collaborative and truly excellent team of healthcare providers in CARE Clinic. We wear our passion for this population on our sleeves and I believe it shows through our work. It’s a privilege to work alongside such an amazing group of individuals.”

Amy Compston, PT, DPT, CRT, CLT-LANA

Let us know more about your work.

Please contact to tell us more about your interprofessional work— or for more information about how we can collaborate with you.

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