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Drive interprofessional education forward.

Work with a group of passionate faculty, staff, practitioners, students, and community partners to teach core competencies for interprofessional collaborative practice—and foster a culture that embraces diversity, teamwork, and lifelong learning.

A professor speaking to students in a college classroom

Join a team of passionate healthcare professionals.

As content experts, mentors, coaches, and more, BuckIPE facilitators prepare the next generation of healthcare professionals for a better way of working together.

Whether connecting BuckIPE with core course work, holding each other accountable to the latest standards, or actually putting interprofessional teamwork in practice, BuckIPE facilitators are enthusiastically dedicated to paving the way for more collaborative care.

As a BuckIPE facilitator, you will:

  • Foster a safe, productive, and inclusive learning environment
  • Clarify the purpose and significance of every assignment
  • Encourage positive team culture and interprofessional relationships
  • Ensure that multiple perspectives are represented
  • Connect classroom lessons to real-world experiences
  • Encourage continued teamwork and collaboration within a team

“Though I’ve the pleasure of working with our pharmacy students on a regular basis, I really value the opportunities to facilitate interprofessional learning. It’s special and fun to see them learn with, about and from each other. The experience will yield so many benefits when they finish their training programs and practice together in providing the best care for their patients.”

James W. McAuley, PhD, FAPhA, Professor of Pharmacy Practice & Science and Neurology, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

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