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Student Advisory Board

The IPE Student Advisory Board is composed of student representatives from every college or program participating in BuckIPE. 


    The IPE Student Advisory Committee includes at least one student representative from each college at the Ohio State University to advance interprofessional practice and education from a learner perspective. This group provides input into all levels of decision-making impacting interprofessional practice and education, and that input is highly valued and actionable. 



    The Co-Chairs for 2022-23 are Courtney Jewell (College of Arts and Sciences) and Jordan Kalthoff (College of Pharmacy).

    IPE SAB Goals

    AY 22-23:

    1. Add the student perspective to IPE efforts and events.
    2. Ensure that the core of the BuckIPE is robust and meaningful for students.
    3. Offer interprofessional networking events to students.


    1. Improve communication about IPE classes/events within programs.
    2. Develop a centralized IPE website with info about classes, events, and resources. 
    3. Develop an IPE certificate. 
    4. Create opportunities for students to network with other professions outside of IPE events and classes.


    1. Recommend requirements for interprofessional education that arestandardized across educational programs
    2. Advise best practices to embrace the diversity across students in terms of how they learn
    3. Collaborate with the Office of Interprofessional Practice and Education to develop a collective list of interprofessional courses and experiences.
    4. Support the development of an Ohio State IPE website.



    Jordan Kalthoff, Co-Chair
    Speech and Hearing

    Courtney Jewell, Co-Chair
    Nursing (DNP)

    Chris Connors
    Physical Therapy

    Rachel Elam
    Vet Med

    Jona Fletcher
    Nutrition and Dietetics

    Savannah Green


    Austin Keller
    Social Work

    Elizabeth Kleinhenz
    Nursing (Baccalaureate)

    Brianna Landrum
    Athletic Training

    Julia Miller
    Public Health

    Kate Neumeyer

    Janvi Patel
    Radiological Science

    Ashley Ruberto
    Dental Hygiene

    Kayla Theis