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Lean into the power of interprofessional teamwork.

BuckIPE prepares you to thrive as a health care professional who successfully collaborates across teams to improve outcomes, increase satisfaction, streamline processes, and advance health equity.

Three students seated at a table during a IPE teamwork event

BuckIPE is Ohio State’s interprofessional education curriculum.

Interprofessional practice and education (IPE) brings students from multiple educational programs together to learn about, from, and with each other while building relationships, filling gaps in care and services in the community, and addressing significant challenges to health and well-being in the world today.

By participating in BuckIPE, you’ll learn in classroom, practice, and community settings where health and health care happen—and with those who have the potential to make a real difference. You will: 

  • Work in an interprofessional team, giving and receiving peer feedback and support
  • Develop knowledge and skills that can only be acquired by working in an interprofessional context
  • Form deep connections with each other, with practitioners, and with people in the community
  • Build the resilience and agility necessary to thrive in your future career

Get involved!

For more information about joining BuckIPE, explore the registry today.

“IPE has helped me be better prepared to communicate and interact as a professional. If I had known more about BuckIPE when I was searching for colleges, that would have made Ohio State even more attractive to me.”

Maya, Ohio State
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