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Interprofessional Communication Module Complete

Students at a round table with laptops talking through a patient case
Topics OSU Office of Interprofessional Practice and Education Foundations

Liz Trolli


Apr 10, 2023

More than 1200 students and 48 facilitators actively participated in the final module in this Foundations level of the BuckIPE Core Curriculum. The module wraps up on April 11th, with the makeup event. Before the in-person session, students completed a uni-professional assignment to prepare. During the event, students collaborated while sharing their insights and recommendations, then worked together as an interprofessional team to design a care plan while learning about each other’s roles and responsibilities and practicing essential interprofessional communication skills. Facilitator-led debriefs encouraged a deeper dive into team effectiveness, framed by evidence-based enablers, including capability, cooperation, and cognition – as well as students’ demonstration of key interprofessional collaboration competencies.