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Teams Advancing Health Care- BuckIPE Curriculum Year 2 Module Complete

two tables of students, talking together with some laptops open on the desk between them
Topics OSU Office of Interprofessional Practice and Education Immersion

Liz Trolli


Mar 03, 2023

And that's a wrap for Teams Advancing Health Equity!

Team Event #2 included approximately 1,200 students, 54 facilitators, and 43 standardized patients (SPs). The students worked collaboratively in a simulation with a standardized patient presenting with a headache to an interprofessional student-run free clinic setting. They further practiced their interprofessional collaborative practice competencies while exploring other options with a client with extreme allergies to mold found in their home. Applying their communication skills, the learners discussed and planned options with their client. They considered multiple social determinants of health that impacted their recommendations for treatment and resolution. Team Event #2 allowed the student teams to debrief with the standardized patient multiple times to better align their shared cognition. This event also addressed evidence-based team concepts, including coaching and conditions.