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Paying it Forward: Interprofessional Collaboration in Action

IPE Community Scholars Interview
Topics IPE Community Scholars

Office for Interprofessional Practice & Education


Sep 23, 2022

In the Interprofessional Community Scholars Program, students work in the community with individuals who are living with complex chronic health conditions. The program aims to create robust interprofessional teams where students and community members learn together while improving digital health literacy and health and well-being.  

The community members who participate in the program teach and mentor the students while at the same time setting health and well-being goals and learning how improved digital health literacy supports attaining those goals.  

Currently, each team has an Ohio State University or a Wexner Medical Center clinical advisor overseeing the teams which can include Nursing Practitioners or Medical Residents. We have students from 15+ health-related programs and counting.  

As the 2021 fall program closed, we asked our Community Health Mentors a few questions to recap their individual experiences with the IPE Scholars Program.